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Welcome to the website of the Posadis project. The Posadis project is home to the Posadis DNS-related tools, including the Posadis DNS server and the Posadis Zone Editor.

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Posadis programs

The following programs are hosted on this website:

  • The Posadis Domain Name Server is a powerful authoritative/caching DNS server
  • Zoneedit, or the Posadis Zone Editor, is a graphical editor for DNS zones using DNS update
  • Mfedit is a graphical editor for DNS master files
  • Poslib is a library for developing client/server applications using the Domain Name System
  • Sans, or the Simple Authoritative DNS server, is a simple authoritative DNS server for Windows
  • Dnsquery is a graphical tool to send queries to DNS servers

Other files hosted on this website:

  • Fam-win32 - a partial Win32 port of the FAM
  • Regexp-block - Block domain names by wildcards
  • Dnsfile - Distribute files over the Domain Name System
  • Pos6poison - Poison buggy caches by injecting fake data · Last modified: 2005/02/02 16:31
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