Here, you’ll find all documentation for Posadis programs.

Have a problem? Here are some places to check.

  • First, check the program’s documentation, which should be linked to from the main program’s page, or below. You’ll find FAQs there as well, such as the Posadis FAQ.
  • See if the problem has been discussed in the Posadis Forum.
  • Think you’ve found a bug? File a report in the Posadis bug database.
  • If it’s really urgent, you can e-mail me.

Posadis documentation

The (evolving) documentation for the development series of Posadis can be found here. It’s currently incomplete, and all features in 0.60.* are available in 0.70.*, too.

For the stable Posadis, the Posadis tutorial and reference manual is available in the following formats:

There are tutorials on the following topics:

Loris Albanese has written an Italian-language HOWTO on setting up Posadis as an intranet DNS serer, which can be found here.

The following manual pages are available:

If you want to contribute documentation (which is really appreciated), you can mail me at meilof dot wanadoo dot nl.

Poslib documentation

The Poslib API reference contains descriptions of all API functions of Poslib, as well as two tutorials describing how to set up a client and a server program.

Available formats:

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