Fam for Win32

For Unix, the Posadis “monitor” module (formerly called fam) uses FAM, a piece of software by SGI that monitors change of files in directories. To port this module for Windows, I wrote a partial implementation of FAM for Win32. It only contains the functionality I needed, so it may not work for you. Some quirks:

  • This implementation does not distinguish between FamExists and FamCreated.
  • Rather than directly calling select, use FAMselect. As a consequence, you don’t want to use FAMCONNECTION_GETFD.

This FAM implementation is distributed under the Lesser GNU General Public License. You can use it in commercial programs; however, you need to distribute the source code of any changes you make in the FAM code. You can get the source code here:

  • fam_w32.cpp - The implementation
  • fam_w32.h - Header
  • fam.cpp - Posadis module (use this as an example)

For questions, or if you have additions to the sources, you can mail me: meilof at users dot sourceforge dot net.

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