SANS 1.0.1 released!

8 January 2005

Today, a bit more than a year ago since SANS 1.0 went live, we release an update to SANS, version 1.0.1. Following discussion on the Forum, this release should make it easier for those who want to build SANS themselves; it also fixes some bugs, and it even adds some new functionality!

This is the list of changes since SANS 1.0:

  • SANS now builds against the latest Poslib 1.0.* release, thus integrating some bug fixes that have been made in Poslib since the previous release
  • Added support for the LOC RR type
  • Fixed bug where SANS would need administrator rights to start
  • Fixed freeze-up after editing resource records.

SANS 1.0.1 can be downloaded from here. The CVS tag is release-1_0_1. More information on SANS is available at the website.

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