Posadis 0.60.6 (aka "the Christmas release") released!

Important: original packages corrupted

The originally uploaded source and RPM packages were corrupted; see bug 1091229 and check the md5sums of your download to see if you have corrupted files. The Win32 version I uploaded in fixing the corruption, was accidentally corrupted too.

Files downloaded from 27 December onwards, as well as the Windows version of Posadis, should be safe. Or check the md5sums. Things should now be fine. Really.

Release info

Saturday, 25 December 2004

This Christmas New Bulletin brings you new stable and development releases, and news about the Posadis Wiki.

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas release

Today, the traditional end-of-year Posadis release has been released. It updates all stable Posadis packages: Poslib, Posadis, Dnsquery and the Master File Editor.

Significant changes are the merging of the cache-dumping extension, which was released separately earlier but turned out to be a bit problematic, particularly for Windows users, and quite some bug fixes. Basically, this release contains all bug fixes that have been made yet in the Posadis 0.70.* development process. This release is planned to be the last in the stable 0.60.* series.

The release notes and downloads of this release can be found here.

Development release

While I was at it, I also did a new development release for you to play around with during the holiday season. Posadis 0.70.0 is already shaping up nicely, and the Zone Editor already seems to work quite nicely too. Now’s a great time to try them out.

The release notes and downloads of this release can be found here.

Posadis Wiki

These new releases are all nice and all, but, unfortunately, we have a casualty: the Posadis Wiki got lost along the way, which means the Posadis 0.60.6 documentation is mostly gone. I’ll be re-writing much of it, so boring Christmas days for me :) If you happen to have parts of it stored locally, I’d appreciate it if you could send it to me…

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