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Posadis DNS server

Posadis is a powerful DNS server, supporting both authoritative DNS and caching functionality, which is available for many different operating systems, including Mac OS X, Windows, and many Unix variants such as Linux and FreeBSD.

For documentation on the 0.60.* series, see Documentation. For documentation on the new 0.70.* series, see the index. For downloads, see the Download page.

Main features and benefits

Feature Benefit
Caching and forwarding Speed up the process of looking up domain names on your local network or PC
Primary DNS Serve lookup information for internet or local network domain names
Secondary DNS Run multiple servers without the need to edit the zone data at multiple places
Monitoring of zone files Changes in your zone configuration files are directly handled by the server
DNS Notify support Changes in the primary are directly reported to secondary DNS servers
DNS Update support (new in 0.70) Easily edit your zones from different programs or different PC’s
Command-line tools Perform simple operations such as testing and updating zone data

Uses of Posadis

Posadis is useful in the following situations (see the DNS overview for more information):

  • You have a local network, and you want to assign domain names to IP numbers locally
  • You want to speed up the resolving of domain names for your local network of PC
  • You have an internet domain name and you want to hosts its DNS records
  • You already run a DNS server for your domain name and you want to add more servers for robustness
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