Posadis 0.60.6 (aka "the Christmas release")

Released: 25 December 2004. This Christmas release of Posadis and associates is meant to be the last in the 0.60.* series of Posadis, with the new Posadis 0.70.* series coming in the next year.

Known issues

The originally uploaded source and RPM packages were corrupted; see bug 1091229 and check the md5sums of your download to see if you have corrupted files. Files downloaded from 27 December onwards, as well as the Windows version of Posadis, should be safe.

Release motto

I don’t look upon this like it’s “the end”. I look upon it like it’s moving on. It’s almost like my work here is done, you know. I can’t imagine Jesus going “Oh, I’ve told a few people here I’m the sun of God. Can I stay here with mum and dad now?”. No, you’ve got to move on. Spread the word. Go to Nazareth. And that’s pretty much like… me. – David Brent

Software bundle

The Posadis bundle contains all important Posadis tools: Posadis, Poslib, the Master File Editor and the DNS Query Tool.

Separate packages

Separate packages can be downloaded, too. You will at least want Poslib, since all other packages depend on it. Source packages should work on at least Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

Changes in this release

We managed to squeeze at least a change or two from each package. Here’s what has changed:

Changes in Posadis 0.60.6

  • Removed “mc”, “mc2” debugging messages
  • Fixed “error: posadisrc:55: posadisrc:55: foo”-type messages
  • Fix for “Line should not begin with whitespace” parser error
  • Fix for Win32 service taking too long to stop
  • Fixed bug where zone transfers would leave the TCP connection open
  • Do not use Posadis thread system in signal handlers (could theoretically be harmful)
  • Fix an occasion where Posadis could potentially flood itself with queries when resolving (depending on the underlying thread system)
  • Added support for dumping the cache to file
  • Added support for loading NXDOMAIN/NODATA information, and cached (as opposed to static) data from initial cache files
  • Added option cache_to_file to load from file on startup and save to file on exit
  • Default plugin dir works again now
  • Fixed /really/ insignifficant error in serial number arithmetic code
  • Fixed memory leak in dynamic zone lookup (not currently used)

Changes in Master File Editor 0.60.6

  • Got rid of some compiler warnings
  • Fixed bug in enabling Gtk2

Changes in Dns Query Tool 0.60.6

  • If the query type was read from the config file, do not auto-revert it to the A type after the first query.

Changes in Poslib 1.0.6

  • Build fix on OpenBSD
  • Fixed one-off error (too conservative) in DNS message handling
  • Also accept “.192.168” as short for “168.192.in-addr.arpa.” (i.e., no more “.*” nessecary)
  • Reading master file without autoprobing: origin is set to zone root by default.
  • Initial cache file mode for master files no longer gives the “non-initial SOA ignored” message
  • Fixed bug where rr_getip6 would return only four bytes


Here are the md5sums for this release, to verify the integrity of your download:

6a773bbc5c2a6e197e62aa1c0a516ec9  dnsquery-0.60.6-0.i386.rpm
61c24613d18c4f6b2375f9e3f0346dab  dnsquery-0.60.6.tar.gz
5a5bfc274f16a3d679b2fbde5d06f83b  mfedit-0.60.6-0.i386.rpm
3de01d93d8d536f48043dfdb1ad8850f  mfedit-0.60.6.tar.gz
479db6a866989fb54a985a9125ca9572  posadis-0.60.6-0.i386.rpm
966e3112d3d0b0e8f87a6a3eabd3a5a0  posadis-0.60.6.exe
9e9d01e1eb19e47870b4a678ef02eb26  posadis-0.60.6.tar.gz
dae62ca8eb565624d297a0eb64aa4a3f  posadis-devel-0.60.6-0.i386.rpm
3a17be51027959846cf22341527be9c5  posadis-monitor-0.60.6-0.i386.rpm
97c84987fde2727d5b32d18ff1caedc6  poslib-1.0.6-0.i386.rpm
c1b0c48625191017904b7c9aa0365ef2  poslib-1.0.6.tar.gz
d5b1b8c04c3be189202b931d30979f01  poslib-devel-1.0.6-0.i386.rpm
7b4fe9b79708e93b115adc20b568a234  poslib-docs-0.60.6.zip
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