Posadis 0.70.0 20041225 development release

Released: 25 December 2004. This release contains development versions of Poslib, Posadis and Zoneedit.

Known issues

The originally uploaded source packages were corrupted; see bug 1091229 and check the md5sums of your download to see if you have corrupted files. Files downloaded from 27 December onwards should be safe.

Separate packages

Currently, only source packages. Check back for Windows binaries sooner or later.

Changes in this release

No detailed ChangeLogs. Just download the darn thing :)


Here are the md5sums for this release, to verify the integrity of your download:

499e051dc41036059e1bef01f7ccd6dd  poslib-1.1.0pre-041225.tar.gz
a3739e59782ff82e56bd9418e80142a9  posadis-0.70.0pre-041225.tar.gz
dcac15a38131cfe351b3ec5cfdb4872d  zoneedit-0.9pre-041225.tar.gz
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