SANS - The Simple Authoritative DNS Server

SANS is a simple DNS server for all Windows platforms, Windows 95 and up, that can be a primary DNS server for your domains. Consisting of only one graphical program, you can get your own basic DNS server, supporting zone transfers and standard master files, up and running with a few clicks of your mouse!

SANS 1.0.1 was released on 8 January 2005; see the announcement. It can be downloaded from here. More information on SANS can be found in the index.

Main features and benefits

Feature Benefit
Primary DNS Serve lookup information for internet or local network domain names
Instant updates Edit your zones directly in the server, and see changes applied instantly
Zone transfers Duplicate your zone data for redundancy
Graphical UI No need to edit text files

If you need more featurs, check out the big brother of SANS: the Posadis DNS server.


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