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ZoneEdit - The Posadis Zone Editor

ZoneEdit, or the Posadis Zone Editor, is a graphical DNS update client. It can be used to remotely edit DNS zones on a DNS server using DNS Update (see Authoritative DNS and DNS update). DNS Update is supported in Posadis 0.70.0 and higher through the primary zone type.

ZoneEdit can be obtained from the download page. For its documentation, see the index. If you like Zoneedit, please help localizing Zoneedit to make it available in your own language!

Features and benefits

Feature Benefit
DNS Update support Edit zones from any PC with an internet connection
Zone transfer Transferring the zone enabled you to directly see the impact of your changes to the zone
Incremental zone transfer Only the changes to the zone are transferred, saving time and bandwidth
Import master files Import records from legacy data or output of DNS queries
Syntax check See if you have made a mistake before committing the changes
Internationalizable Use Zoneedit in your own language


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Unix screenshots:

Windows screenshots:

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