Localizing Zoneedit

Zonedit can be localized into your own natural language. Zoneedit should automatically detect your language and use it, but you can force the language for Zoneedit to use by setting the LC_ALL (Unix) or LANG (Windows) environment variable. For example, setting it to nl makes Zoneedit use the Dutch translation.

If you want to help translating Zoneedit to your own language, you can, and actually, it is pretty simple (and greatly appreciated)! Since Zoneedit doesn’t contain that much text, a complete translation of Zoneedit can be made in an hour or a bit more. You can see the available translations in the Zoneedit CVS: each po file corresponds to a translation.

To do your own translation, you can use either zoneedit.pot or another po file as base, and just edit it to your needs. The format should be pretty obvious. If you have done a translation and you want to share it, e-mail it to meilof@gmail.com and I’ll add it to the next version of ZoneEdit.

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